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Dear ETI members,
After many discussions with LAEC and Southwest Show Management, the decision has been made to not hold Convention this year. We still have every intention of holding Convention again next year at LAEC, however due to the need of many additional volunteers to comply with Covid procedures we recognize we don’t have the volunteer base needed to run the show AND Covid check in procedures required by LA County and LAEC. In addition, there is still the possibility of LAEC having to close due to Covid at any time and we, the National Board, do not feel it is financially prudent to plan for Convention when it could be cancelled at any time. We are very disappointed to have to do this and are looking into options for another ETI National event this year. Many of our corrals are now holding rides and shows and we encourage you to participate in these events to keep ETI moving forward through these times. Thank you for your understanding and support of ETI!
Tom Kirsch President
Jeanne Catron-Gonzalez 1st Vice President
Nikki Ahten 2nd Vice President


Spring Ride

Unfortunately, the Spring Ride 2021 has been cancelled. READ MORE…


Unfortunately, the ETI National Horse Show and Convention scheduled for July 2021 at the LA Equestrian Center has been cancelled due to Covid. READ MORE…

Death Valley

Death Valley

Unfortunately, this year’s ride has been cancelled.  Each November, ETI hosts its Death Valley Ride, a journey through the unique majesty in and around this national landmark. To discover some of the history of this region, and to find out how you can be part of this memorable event, READ MORE…

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ETI National Awards

ETI expresses their thanks for those who have helped above and beyond the call of duty, with an awards banquet and recognition of nominated Volunteers of the Year, as well as the ETI Sponsor of the Year! Join us as we celebrate the contributions Keith Hilliard (Area 3), Terry Kaiser (Area 7) and Rich Gomez (Are 12) have made to their communities. We also salute Scott & Liz Wahlberg of Canyon Feed & Tack for their dedicated support of ETI National and its activities. READ MORE…

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